If you have an active online dating scene then you already know that there is no dearth of online dating sites. It can be hard to determine the real online dating sites from the crowd. Some sites are just meant for hookups and if you want a serious relationship then these are not the right ones for you.

Having said that, finding a partner online is now simpler than ever. The dating pool is larger than ever with single people. In a conventional situation, finding a real catch is like trying to fish in the ocean – impossible. Most people are looking for a deep relationship that might result in a lifetime commitment but there are no free dating sites for serious relationships.

Some of the dating sites and apps have lessened the blow and made it feasible to look for a partner from the privacy and comfort of your home. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to date in the world when dating online has become a way of life. What’s the best part? These sites actually work. Although having choices is helpful, looking for the best dating sites might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To help you look for the right partner and nurture a serious relationship, we bring to you Meet7. Meet7 is an innovative Ai based online dating platform that focuses on human interactions more than just swiping profiles left and right. As a result, the chances of finding real love and a long-term partner are higher and better.

Here’s what makes Meet7 different from other free dating sites for serious relationships –

  • It keeps a strict check on cyberbullying. It acts against the bullying person while keeping your identity secret.
  • It allows live video interactions so that you can meet the actual person behind the profile.
  • Its best-in-class tech will connect you with people based on what they do and not what their profile says.
  • To encourage bonding and understanding, it has in-built couple games that keep the interaction interesting.
  • The behaviour score of each person lets you decide whether the person you swiped is the right match for you or not.
  • It doesn’t allow vulgar and obscene profile pictures like pictures in undergarments, shirtless mirror selfies, indoor pictures in swimwear of any sort, etc. No pornographic or graphic hunting pictures are allowed.
  • Gives a free trial before asking you for a paid subscription.


Meet7 is clearly one of the best dating sites online. By signing up on this, you can start real conversations and create long-lasting connections. If you are a commitment-minded person, you can make the most of this site.

Bitten by the love bug and looking for a safe place to hang out? Meet7 is the best place for that! You can make connections with real people and not just profiles. So, what are you waiting for? Start finding love from today!