According to a survey, 78% of users reported using online dating apps in India regularly. In today’s world, with no time to focus on anything else than work at times, dating applications come as a saviour. While some found substantial success using them, many people were not satisfied with them.

We have developed the Meet7 app keeping in mind that more than half of Indians are not satisfied with the existing online dating apps in 2022.

Features that keep you hooked to the app -

Instant virtual Date – Start vibing today through our virtual dates. It is a saviour. Think of all the work it takes to arrange a meeting place and time with your date. Not only that, the nervousness and awkwardness of first meetings. We have a trial period, where you can set up a quick virtual date to know a lot more about your match before you meet them in person.

CompQ – Tired of scrolling through the profiles. By answering 5 simple questions our Artificial Intelligence system learns the user’s behavior, preferences, and interests. This helps the app to list instant perfect math for you.

KnowQ – To kill the awkwardness and to save you from embarrassing yourself, Meet7 has curated guided interactions. Through a set of questions with options, you can learn to understand the person. So you don’t need to worry about the first few conversations. These questions will come in handy to save your day!!

Get rid of the dating norms – Why should online dating be strictly about serious conversations? Let’s add a little fun to it with a game. Spice it up with the games for fun.

Now you know why the Meet7 app is different from other online dating apps in India 2022. Moreover, our main aim is the provided a user-friendly experience and we are regularly updating the app according to the changing trends in the market. Download the app today to connect with your perfect match instantly.