Why Meet7 is the Most Genuine Dating App in India

Looking for a genuine dating app in India? Are you concerned about data threats or catfishing through dating apps? I agree that choosing the right app can be intimidating with the increasing number of apps available.

We have got you covered!! Look no further than our app! Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just some fun, our app is perfect for you! With our advanced matching algorithm and a user-friendly interface, Meet7 makes online dating easy and fun.

Common reasons why people stay away from dating apps
  • Scrolling through thousands of profiles surely feels like a part-time job

  • Mismatched profiles and fake profiles

  • Data breach and security threat.

  • Not living up to the profile expectations.

  • Women’s harassment and explicit messages

  • Nervousness during the first few conversations.

The above are some common reasons that keep you from using dating apps. We understand, and by prioritizing these issues we have curated the most genuine app in India.

What makes Meet7 a genuine dating app in India
  • VERIFIED PROFILES!! Regardless of the social media platform, a verified profile is always credible. Be assured that you connect to a genuine profile, not a fake one.
  • No app that handles the personal information and financial data of users can afford to compromise on security – especially dating apps. Meet7 treats safety and security as the utmost priority. The data is encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.
  • Female dating app users are comparatively fewer than men users. Most women tend to prefer serious relationships over casual ones. Also, harassment is more common on online platforms. Taking this into consideration, we have a behavioral score for every profile. An anonymous complaint can be registered on the profiles with suspicious behavior. So, whenever a complaint is registered the score will be affected.
  • Apart from this, we also have revolutionary features like CompQ and KnowQ that make it the most genuine app in India.

Meet7 assures privacy and safety at every level. Sign up today to explore and redefine your dating life at Meet7. Once you become a Meet7 member, you will agree that we are the most genuine app in India.

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