Whether you’re looking to date someone special or to find a significant other, dating sites are one of the most popular ways to do so. India is the second largest dating app market, with around 31 million users. With hundreds of dating sites, what makes Meet7 the favorite real dating site in India?

Unique features that make us stand out

With the growing number of dating apps every day there are new dating apps in India. How do we find a real dating site in India? Meet7 is the latest and most advanced dating app in India. This app was created keeping in mind all the problems involved in dating apps. Making this app one of a kind

Meet7 is one of the few real dating sites in India with these features.

  • Instant virtual dating – According to users this is one of the most liked features as in the hustle and bustle of life, we need immediate results and action. Beyond pictures, you can connect with your match through instant virtual dating. Organizing a place, date, and time is no longer necessary, but you still get to dress up for the virtual date.
  • Selfies approved as profile pictures – Have you watched the Love Hard movie? Yes, you will be safe from being catfished. Every photo is verified and social media authentication is done. So no more fake profiles that make Meet7 a real dating site in India
  • AI-curated matches – Save time by scrolling through thousands of profiles. By answering 5 simple questions, you get a list of your perfect match.
  • What makes a dating site real? If it is not safe for users. In Meet7 women remain safe with a behaviour score – Every profile has a behaviour score; if any suspicious behaviour is reported anonymously, the score is lowered. By making it authentic for users to choose the right person.
  • Encrypted and private, it cannot be accessed by anyone. Enough said!!

You now know why Meet7 is a real dating site in India. According to users, it is one of the most authentic, user-friendly, and safe dating sites. With amazing features, you not only meet profiles but also people. Sign up in simple steps to have a smooth dating experience.