Real dating sites in India understand the psychology of Indians when it comes to partnerships. Dating has an altogether purpose in India. Dating site users in India look for stable relationships and far more than casual hookups. Though the mentality to find a life partner through friends and families still exist, dating sites are the new destinations for today’s youth to find their potential partner.

The emergence of dating sites in India

A peek into the recent history of social media growth and the penetration of dating apps in India portrays the evolution of dating in the country. Initially, users relied on marriage sites to find their partner. Then, gradually social media took over the role of connecting strangers and turning them into potential partners.

Meanwhile, the western culture of dating for casual hookups through ‘swipe and date’ apps started to grow in India. Though there was an initial rush to such dating sites, users soon started realizing the downsides of such unreliable dating apps not designed to cater to the dating goals of Indians.

Downsides of western-model dating sites in India

Indians consider relationships with utmost care. Even if it is a casual friendship, the emotions that Indians invest in the relationship are intense. However, commercial dating sites designed with little to no understanding of relationships in India created many hassles for their users. From disappointments due to a mismatch between the on-screen profile and the real-time meeting to getting stalked after refusing to date, users have seen enough.

Meet7 is a caring dating site that connects users, not just profiles

That being said, dating site users need a trustable platform that lets them date without concerns. Meet7 recognized this necessity first than the others in the industry. This is why we collaborated with experts in the industry about launching a side-effect-free dating site in India.

Thankfully, with Meet7, we could realize our dream. Meet7 is designed to help users understand their dates holistically before they actually meet on a real-time date. Features of our platform – Guided interactions and fun games – boost users’ self-esteem and help them find the real partner that suits them perfectly.

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