Signs they are interested in you

They are interested in you

A predominant question in the sphere of digital dating is whether there will be a second meet? You will be astonished to know the signs are all there in the first place. Here are the top 5 that speak volumes.

  • Foreshadowing
  • If they are constantly mentioning how they will tell a story later or how you need a little more context, or a call needs to be a bit longer, it is their way of saying that they want to talk to you again. You can build curiosity by starting the story, stopping in the middle and saying how we will talk about it next time. And Bam!  2nd date.

Too many compliments

  • If your partner is constantly bombarding you with compliments about your eyes, the way you look at them, or how you hold the conversation, it is their way of showing that they want to know you a little more and they want conversations to last a bit longer.

Immediate Follow Up

  • If a person wants to know you, they will connect with you immediately after the call (or Meet7 event). We believe that if someone is immediately talking to you right after a long conversation, well you know the signs. More words must follow. 

Social Media Exchange

  • Nothing screams a second date louder than someone asking you to follow you on some social media platform; in this dynamic world the only thing which is keeping us sane and honest are our social media accounts; maybe an Instagram follow is also a Follow-Up for the next date? 

Bring the conversation back up

The biggest problem with online dating is making the conversation work every time. If someone is picking up the conversation from an awkward silence means they want a second date, and what would you be waiting for?

People often ask why the second date is more important than the first? Because one can only clear introductory questions on the first date, the second date is where the actual conversations begin.