Start with Loving Yourself!!

love youirself

“I’m tired of texting, can we meet?”

My phone blinked and showed this message, a part of me started panting. A growing anticipation and sense of anxiety kicked in. I took a deep breath, stood in front of the mirror and told myself in a calm voice, “Yes”.

How many of us can actually go and stand in front of the mirror today and call ourselves, ‘pretty or good looking’? Barely a few. And that is why dating apps can be the perfect place to show some love, most importantly to oneself.

Digital dating is a massive part of our lives at this point; we click pictures to upload on the same, we spend hours to get the perfect bio, and there is nothing wrong in admitting that you Google, ’40 questions to ask on your first date’ because we all have done it at some point.

One of our generation’s biggest problems is that every time we look at ourselves, we see terrible things first- my nose is too big, my cheeks are fuller, I look fat, I look ugly, I look bald. What if we could look at the mirror and see just good things?

That’s why I love dating apps. They give you a platform where you can actually talk about yourself which includes your finest. We prepare this vague checklist of things we are good at, which helps us in boosting our morale and valuing ourselves.

People often say that the superficiality of dating apps is why we often see ourselves running away from it, and people often mention how getting Unmatched, Blocked, or Ghosted affects their mental health to which I reply ‘A line needs to be drawn.’

You need to limit your experience, expectations, and addiction to dating platforms. I don’t prefer the ‘Swiping culture’ I believe it is more than what meets the eye. We just look at a bunch of pictures and decide whether we want to know them or not, and the problem starts from there.

Often pictures are not real; it is not mutual, they don’t want to talk, and lastly, they are just looking for more social media followers. That’s why I believe Meet7 will change the way we look at dating.

With real-time conversation and Face-to-face (virtual) interactions, we can know someone better and based upon what we have seen and learned about them in the stipulated little time; we can decide if we want to know them more.