Discover true love with Meet7 |Best dating app in India for serious relationships

Best dating app in India

Just a few years back, online dating was frowned upon, and it was an unpopular way of finding love. However, since the pandemic, it’s the most convenient way to find a partner. Though there are countless dating apps in the market today, none of them seems to lead to something meaningful. We live in an era of half-hearted attempts at dating where one-word texts and ghosting are more common than ever. Are you too exhausted and disappointed waiting for true love? What if we tell you that you are trying to find your prince charming or your soul mate in the wrong place? Do you wish to make dating fun again? Meet7 is the answer to our contemporary romance dilemma as it is the best dating app in India for serious relationships.

Today, many singles are finding online dating daunting and swiping seems like a chore to them. Meet7 leaves behind the mechanical chat culture and introduces the new and upgraded video speed dating concept. You no more have to pull your hair out wondering what is taking them so long to reply or what their last cryptic text means.  Its video chatting feature is the best way to ensure that the people you meet are as serious as you about finding genuine, lasting love. 

A major pitfall of the existing dating apps in India is that they are disorganized and not filtered on an advanced level. One must spend days or even months to screen out the matches and to find a bunch of people who are like-minded and whom they would want to get to know more. Meet7 understands that time is money and simplifies your quest to find ‘the one’ by organising interest-based speed dating events across India. The app curates a list of 7 ideal matches with whom you get to go on 7-minute dates on the day of the event. 

Meet7’s video chatting feature makes it easy for you to read the social cues of your matches and to do a ‘vibe check’ of your dates to decide whom you want to see post the event. Our app makes finding authentic connections easy, convenient, less nerve-racking and above all less time-consuming. For all the singles who are serious about finding love but are hesitant to get back to in-person dating after such a long hiatus, Meet7 is a great place to start. You can go on speed dates without stepping out of your home. 

Another major concern when it comes to online dating is security. We respect your privacy and hence our users have complete control over their data. Not just that, we verify the social logins of a person before allowing them to be a member of Meet7 so that you can enjoy our app without fretting about fake profiles, catfishing and other modern online dating problems.  Hurry! Let Meet7 play cupid for you.  Download the app today and we guarantee you it is the last dating app you will ever be on.